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How to maintain your sanity while caring for twins alone





How to maintain your sanity while caring for twins alone

The moment I found out I was pregnant with twins, I mentally started making notes on how to care for two, especially the first year. A newborn stage of a child may be just a phase but I knew surviving the newborn stage with twins would be the hardest thing I would face post-delivery. My twin girls were born at 32 weeks, which is considered premature and, so they were under observation in the NICU for over a fortnight immediately after birth. This gave me little time to think about their most important needs at that time – feeding, sleeping, and playing – and then develop a routine around these activities that works for my girls.

You truly realize how accurate it is when people say that it takes a village to raise an infant (in my case two at the same time). Every parent of twins or multiples will tell you the same thing - get help wherever you can! However, if your family or support are far away or your partner must go back to work quickly, then it is down to you. To make sure this phase was not as difficult as it could have been, I made sure I was ready and reassured myself that this would not last forever.

I will not sugar coat things or claim it is easy. It is going to be hard - sweat, tears and sweet rewards as well. But there are some things you need to know about handling twins alone so that it is easier as time passes:

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    Organisation is key

    When my girls were newborns, I would always try to prepare as much as I could in advance. It is essential for mums to remember that it is just a stage - keeping your space organized can help you save time and minimize stress. Assign specific areas for items like diapers, clothes and feeding supplies and label drawers or containers, so things are easy to find. Keep all feeding essentials like hands-free pump , bottles, bibs, burp cloths, handy if you are breastfeeding. This readiness reduces stress if the babies get fussy. You can also use digital tools such as apps to keep track of feeding times, doctor appointments and key stages in their development. If you make meals ahead of time and invest in certain devices like bottle sterilizers or formula dispensers, you can have a smoother daily routine.

    Babygear to rescue

    As a twin mom, there will be times where you will wish you had an extra pair of arms to carry one baby while the other is already in your arms. Bouncy seats, twin carriers and double strollers can be of great assistance when you are alone with the twins. When I needed to put one baby down while holding the other, I used the swing. Alternatively, Baby bouncers or seats are a wonderful way to keep your babies safe and entertained while you prepare bottles or feed/change one of the babies, or while you fold the washing as they can see you. Another great investment is a twin stroller, it will probably be the most expensive but will also be the most useful to take the twins around - it be a stroll in the garden or a quick supermarket run.

    Put your twins on the same schedule

    When you have two babies, you should make an effort to keep their schedules the same. Establishing a pattern can take time, so just be persistent and you will eventually find one that works. Try to ensure the twins nap and sleep at the same times. To help them both drift off, experiment with different ideas - for instance, laying a blanket on the floor or putting one in a swing while placing the other in a bassinet. Believe me when I say juggling two hungry babies is incredibly stressful.

    Breastfeeding both babies at the same time can help save time. A twin nursing pillow can be of great help if you ensure the babies are positioned comfortably and securely in it for feeding. While bottle feeding, its best to pre-measure formula amounts for the entire day in advance, sterilize bottles, and have everything at disposal. While feeding one baby, the other can rest in a bouncer or swing. If you are comfortable, you can try simultaneous bottle-feeding using a twin feeding pillow.

    Alternate holding and floor time

    Try alternating holding and floor time with your twins. Get seated in a play area where you can keep one baby down on a comfortable surface like a play mat or a bouncer while having the other one in your arms. If the baby on the floor begins to fuss, simply switch them so that each gets some 'independent' playtime and cuddle time. You could also use this opportunity for some tummy time on the floor.

    Be a part of a multiples or twin baby support group

    Joining a multiples/twin group is a great way to start building relationships and one of the best resources out there who can offer moral support, advice, hand-me-down gear, and assistance when needed. It also helps to know that there are others who have gone through this journey, and you are not alone in this.


    While having twins makes you experience some remarkable challenges, they also bring twofold joy, love, and extraordinary moments. These tips will help you navigate the intricacies of twin babies first year with confidence, even if you are doing it alone. Do not let the difficulty of having to manage your twins solo stop you from trying new things - you can do it! Furthermore, prioritize yourself by making time for self-care; get enough rest, move around, eat healthy food, and treat yourself to activities that bring joy and positivity into your life - because this will benefit the twins in many ways too.

    Anxious about managing twins alone? Share your apprehensions and we will try our best to suggest solutions

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