Why TwinsTribe was conceived?

Having a child is the greatest blessing in life. Having two at the same time – pure bliss!

But if it takes a village to raise a child…Twin Parents have two!

Yes, its double the cuddles and double the fun, but also double the work and it feels like it never gets done.

And while everyone pities your situation, no one really understands what it takes to raise twins – except others who have been there – the Tribe of Parents of Twins!

As twin parents, we spent years discussing how much easier our lives could have been with right advice and right products. How the products we used were sub-optimal and weren’t really addressing the unique needs of twin parents.

And so we decided to act – to bring together this tribe of Twin Parents to help each other, to make this parenting journey easier, more enjoyable.

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TwinsTribe is a community of twin parents (and caregivers) who have joined hands to make the twins parenting journey easier and more enjoyable. We are here to help each other through exchange of experiences and ideas, and creation of innovative products addressing the unique needs of twin parents.

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People behind TwinsTribe

The Founders – Chi and Nik

Yes, we grew up together. No, we are not twins.
We are bound by blood and our common passion for parenting innovations. So, when Chi conceptualized TwinsTribe, she found the perfect partner in Nik to bring this to life.



Co-founder TwinsTribe

An engineer and MBA (yes, it runs in the family), Nikita spent significant time with ecommerce start-ups in both Business Development and Supply Chain roles. She and Sahil are loving parents to Shriaan.

Nikita quit her corporate career to be a full-time mom. She is a perfectionist and demanding consumer, and often found discussing better parenting solutions. In her me-time, she enjoys in swimming, cooking, and retail therapy

"A Start-up Powered by Women"

We are proud to be run by an all-women workforce. We understand the challenges women face in balancing professional and personal lives – we offer full flexibility to enable women deliver their best to both. In turn, our passionate and creative team members bring their best to work every day to create products that are crafted with love and care.