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The Circus of Twin Parenthood: A Front Row Experience





Congratulations on your precious bundles of joy! 

Now, buckle up, because you are in for a ride of a lifetime. Oh and what a wild, wacky and wonderful ride it is going to be! This rollercoaster of an adventure is going to be filled with laughter, chaos, team-tag tantrums, and the occasional parental breakdown. Be brave my twin parent – I will help you navigate through this hilarious and hair-raising journey of a lifetime!

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    Sleep training

    My husband and I managed full time work days, while in a full-fledged Covid related lock down, without any help while our twins were only 5 months old. All thanks to sleep training, we got plenty of time to do everything! The schedules were predictable and robotic, but the predictability helped us immensely. We chose Taking Cara Babies (you can read several of their blogs before you decide to choose them). There are several other methods available and some prior research will help you arrive at a method that suits you best.

    Twin Talk

    The first few months are incredibly precious. Once you have established a solid and synchronized schedule for your babies, it will leave you enough time to cherish the incredible miracle of twin babies. You will witness the magic of twin telepathy and twin talk almost daily. They will develop their secret language, complete with cute babbling and gestures. As they grow older their conversations will provide endless entertainment during long car rides. On most nights they toss and turn at the very exact moment while in deep sleep. To this day, this part of having twins amazes me!

    Hide and seek masters

    Once your twins start crawling, get ready for some baffling hide-and-seek sessions. They will plan epic escapes from your sight and you will find them at the most unexpected places, giggling triumphantly.

    Battles for attention

    As they grow older, they will develop a cinematic sibling rivalry. If there is a downside that I see to having twins it is just this. No matter how hard you try you will never be able to shower them with undivided attention at all times. The only way to tackle this is to be supportive through each of their insecurity induced tantrums while at home or outside. Gentle parenting has helped us immensely and I can’t propagate this enough.

    Through all the messiness and mayhem of raising twins, one thing remains constant: the laughter, love and double hugs. You’ll witness loads of moments of pure sibling sweetness, dance parties every hour and an unbelievably strong shield for each other.


    So dear twin parent, embrace the craziness of parenting twins – it is going to be an adventure like no other! You’ve been blessed with a front row seat to the sweetest and the most captivating circus in town!

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