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How babywearing can be a game changer for twin parents!





How babywearing can be a game changer for twin parents!

“Congratulations! You have twins!” The moment you heard these words, I am sure a gush of excitement and anxiety filled your systems, just like it did ours, 8 years ago!

Yes, yes, parents of multiples hear it often and more so experience it too. Having multiples is a mixed bag of emotions. Double trouble, double the fun, and love! But wouldn’t it be nice to have fellow parents of multiples share some tips and tricks? Some tools which made their life easier?

And that is exactly what I aim to do through this write-up! Introducing you all to a very powerful parenting tool, which will not just let you care for your babies while keeping them safe and happy, but in turn offer you- mobility, independence, confidence, and more! A tool that will help you LIVE and enjoy your parenting journey with your little ones!

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    Now you might say “Oh those baby carriers? How can they be so helpful for multiples anyways?”

    Let me explain. Babywearing is a broader term and something that has been done for centuries. It is the act of carrying babies closer to our bodies, but keeping our hands free! That’s where a baby carrier comes into the picture.

    Benefits of babywearing:

    Plenty of literature on this on the web! But lets get real, and talk about the
    five things where babywearing would be a savior, especially for you twin parents!

    1. Sleep: This is real! Babywearing offers a magical sleepy dust! Which means spending less time and sweat on your twin’s sleep!
    2. Move Around: Knowing babies are safe and happy, gives you that much-needed time and space to babywear and be mobile! Not just in-house but travel places. Many twin parents feel trapped/ depressed simply because they feel ‘glued’ or lose the ability to move around at will
    3. Travel Light: Helps you keep your luggage minimal and babies happy while you are on the go!
    4. Tackle Anxieties: Babies through infancy go through a lot of emotional ups and downs. Stranger anxiety, separation anxiety, and so on. Babywearing helps them connect better, reduce stress, and in turn cry less. Super useful if you plan to resume working outside the home!
    5. Share the ‘load’: In the era of co-parenting, equal parenting, babywearing makes it much easier for other caregivers to care for multiple babies, without feeling the ‘load’. It provides a perfect formula for happy babies and happy caregivers!
    How babywearing can be a game changer for twin parents!

    Now, let me explain what you must look for when we say ‘baby carrier’

    1. Should support baby’s natural posture (Should blend with baby’s body)
    2. Preferably cotton
    3. Safety tested, if commercially sourced
    4. Should support the wearer’s body well
    5. Age-appropriate and supporting baby’s weight

    If you look online for a baby carrier, you again are bound to get confused with the number of choices available! Which sure can leave anyone overwhelmed. Where can one begin?

    So let’s first understand:

    What are the types of carriers available?

    Currently, these are the types that are available in the Indian market.

    1. Stretchy Wraps: Mainly meant for the newborn days, most of them are tested for usage upto 15 odd kg
    2. Handwoven wraps: Can be used from Day 1 till you end your babywearing journey! Very versatile but has a learning curve initially.
    3. Ring Slings: Suitable from day 1 till about 15 kgs. Easiest to nurse in! Has some learning curve initially, but once you get a hang of it, it is a 30 seconds job!
    4. Buckled carriers: You get a variety of buckled carriers, supporting from the newborn stage to toddler and preschooler carriers too! These are the plug-and-play options that are most popular today.
    5. Meh Dai: Another versatile carrier, which is in between a buckled carrier and a wrap. Not very popular though.
    6. Pouches: Typically suit a baby from 3 months to 2 years. These are lightweight and easy to use.

    And the good news is, you can start belly wrapping using the wraps or ring sling right when you are pregnant. Belly wrapping helps you get a good posture, makes you confident in handling the carrier, and also prepares the babies in utero for babywearing!

    Five Aspects to consider before choosing a Carrier: Now, considering we are looking at a scenario where you have multiple babies to care for at the same time, some practical tips to consider before you zero in on the carrier(s)

    1. Family Structure: Are you in a nuclear set-up or a joint family? Who would be wearing the babies? What is the overall sentiment in the house towards babywearing? Warming them up to this concept.
    2. Needs of babies: Each baby is unique and can exhibit unique behavioral needs. Some babies like to be held and want close physical contact, more than others. Some babies can have colic issues, gas problems, sensory processing difficulties etc. Understanding the unique needs of your babies will help you gauge their need to be held better.
    3. Feeding Method: While it is possible to exclusively breastfeed multiples, many mothers might hit a roadblock and need to cater to multiple babies in different ways. In such scenarios too the mother can cater to their unique feeding needs differently with the support of babywearing. For example, a breastfeeding baby can be comfortably mobile nursed, while feeding the other baby through an alternative method.
    4. Budget: How much are you willing to invest in this tool, accordingly you can choose the type/brand of carrier.
    5. Place: Depending on where you are located, you might want to benefit from the services of babywearing libraries, where you can rent different types of carriers before investing in one.

    One carrier or two carriers?

    Unfortunately, currently, in India, we do not have any brand that makes a twin carrier. Hence to carry two babies at a time, it is best to invest in two separate carriers. However, if you are interested in tandem-carrying babies (one wearer, 2 babies), a handwoven wrap (Size 6 or up) can allow you to do that without needing two separate carriers.

    How babywearing can be a game changer for twin parents!

    Talking about tandem carrying, it’s very much possible to tandem-carry your twins! Tandem carrying typically needs two separate carriers unless you are using a handwoven wrap. You can use any permutation combinations of the above-listed carriers to achieve this! Or you can simply reach out to a babywearing educator who can help you choose just the right carriers based on your needs.

    In terms of tandem carrying positions, until the babies are sitting in a tripod position, it is best to tandem carry in the front itself (one in front of each breast, facing you). Once they have good neck and torso control and are able to sit in a tripod position comfortably, you can start a front and back tandem carry. And a few months down the line when you naturally start carrying them on the hips, you can tandem carry them on hips as well, one on each side.

    You might ask “What’s the use of tandem carrying, won’tit be too difficult?”

    I would say, best to be prepared for the worst! The more independent you are, the happier you will feel (Benefits of being Atmanirbhar!). Yes you will not need to tandem carry all the time. But learning this art will equip you to tackle difficult situations if and when they knock at your door. Some common situations possible:

    • Noone at home and babies need to be taken to the doctor
    • Traveling solo
    • Want to step out for a walk and both babies demand to be held by you
    • Chores around the house and you are alone
    • Dance with the babies together 😊
    • Weighted workout 😉

    It is advisable to first get comfortable carrying one baby at a time. When fully confident, increase the duration. Once the body is ready then go for tandem carrying. Above all, always listen to your body!

    So wait not! And pick your carriers today! Twin parenting is fun, especially when you can feed the baby on the go and have your cup of coffee with your partner at the same time isn’t it? 😉

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