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Two's Company: 10 Rules for a Memorable Vacation with Twins





My husband and I have explored 25 countries together, echoing the popular sentiment of our generation - "We love traveling!" But when we found out we were expecting twins, we knew our travel routine was in for a change, at least for a few years. Fast forward six years, and I am happy to say that the changes have been not just significant but wonderfully positive. Our twins have become our ultimate travel companions - inquisitive, adventurous, and wonderfully adaptable. It feels like we are rediscovering the world through their curious eyes and innocent questions.

By the time our twins were 10 months, they had already taken 10 flights. Sure, COVID threw a spanner in our travel plans. But as soon as things improved, within just six months we managed three international trips - a wildlife safari in Kenya, a road trip across Switzerland, and a beach vacation in Vietnam. We experimented, and learnt a lot of important lessons through our wins and mistakes.

In this article, I want to share with my tribe of twin parents my 10 most important lessons to have smooth and memorable trips with twins.

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    Keep it flexible

    This is a big shift from our pre-baby travel style when we loved to be on the move continuously and loaded our schedule with activities. But with twins, we have adopted a more relaxed pace – yes, we still plan and cover a lot – but we try to keep a stable base, at least for few days at a time, and keep the plans flexible. We also incorporate a few buffer days as back-up, to take care of those unforeseen situations or just to relax and chill. 

    Do not fret over luggage

    While seasoned travellers would tell you to “travel light”, with twins you can forgo this formula for the time being. Carry lots of clothes, so you do not have to worry about laundry every now and then. Carry their favourites – favourite toys, favourite snacks, favourite books, favourite blankets. Carry everything you could need, carry back-ups, carry back-ups to back-ups – it can help you have a stress-free holiday. For a comprehensive travel packing list, refer to THE ULTIMATE PACKING GUIDE FOR TRAVELLING WITH TWINS

    Involve them in planning

    Share the travel plan with your twins well in advance. Build up the excitement. Get them books or games which can help them connect to the destination. Co-create a packing list for them and if possible, let them have a go at packing their own bags.

      For instance, before our trip to Kenya, we got The Lonely Planet Kid’s Let’s Explore – Safari’ book. The kids loved the activities and, in the process, got educated on what to expect in an African wildlife safari. Then before the travel date I created a packing checklist for them and they spent full afternoon pulling out stuff and ticking off the checklist. Ultimately, I make the final packing decisions, but their involvement not only eases the packing process but also improves their ownership during travel. 

      Pick your accommodations wisely

      Consider a few factors when choosing where to stay: Are you traveling with a group or just your family? Does your child prefer home-cooked meals or can adapt to restaurant menus? Based on our experience, here are some strategies I have developed:

      Airbnbs (or independent villas) are a much better option, when travelling in a group. It provides you with much needed common space to hang out as a group and much larger area for kids to play in. Having a kitchen allows flexibility in preparing meals your kids like, reducing reliance on restaurants. Also, while selecting Airbnbs, ensure that it has a washer and dryer which could be super helpful when travelling with young ones.

      On the flip side, if you would rather not cook while traveling, hotels might be a better fit. However, check factors like room size, crib availability, food options, and child-friendly activities before zeroing in on your hotel. Opting for a good property with a variety of on-site activities can make staycations an excellent choice for the first few trips with the little ones. 

      Divide and conquer

      When you are travelling with twins, it is crucial that both the parents be equally and deeply involved in managing the kids and their chores. Over time, we have learnt to divide our responsibilities, ensuring a better experience for both of us. For some activities, we each take care of one child– like baby carrying or putting them to sleep. But when it comes to getting ready, I would give bath to the kids one-by-one, and hand them over to hubby for dressing up. Travelling with twins enforces equal parenting, and strengthens the marital bond as you learn to function seamlessly as a team. 

      Incorporate kids-favourite activities

      When planning your itinerary, make sure to balance classic monuments and adventures with activities that cater to your kids' preferences. Think amusement parks, aquariums, science museums, or a day at the beach. You would be amazed at how enjoyable these activities can be for adults too. So, find out what is the latest and the greatest for kids in the area, make a point to visit for some fun family time. 

      Keep them well fed

      “Full Tummy equals Happy Kids”. Avoid those melt-downs by maintaining regular meal timings. And always keep their favourite snacks and healthy options ready in your travel bag as back-ups. 

      Keep them busy

      Always have a plan for engaging and educating them on the go! If you are going on a safari, bring along relevant safari animal book or flash cards that can help them learn as they see new things. Games like ‘Spot It’ or ‘Pocket Puzzles’ can keep them entertained while travelling or during lunch time! Keep a mix of things that you can do together as a family or kids can enjoy on their own during quite time. 

      Go easy on rules

      It is ok to allow them a cheat meal, an ice cream treat, some screen time, or occasional late night. Stay cool and cut them some slack – after all, the kids are on a break too. Do not hesitate to use that extra treat or toy to handle meltdowns if it helps you navigate the situation and make the most of your holiday. 

      Take a break

      Every trip we make it a point to carve out some “Me Time” and “Us Time”. When travelling with family, we both would step out for “date night” after the kids are asleep. Some hotels even offer babysitting services, who can watch over the kids allowing you some time off. We also support each other in planning solo activities we enjoy – whether it’s a spa, catching a live sport, or embarking on a solo adventure. While one of us babysits, the other enjoys some well-deserved "me-time."


      Now let me spill a little secret – travelling with twins gets much easier and lot more fun. That’s because they always have each other for company! They don't have to rely on you for entertainment; they've got an in-born BFF.  This means you can take a breather and unwind while they happily keep each other company! So, put aside any reservations and start planning that adventure with your little travel companions!

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