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First Flight with Twins: Tips for a Smooth Journey





‘Don’t just tell the kids about the world, show them’ – Anonymous

We, as a couple, had always been avid travelers and after the birth of our twins, we had to take a pause for a few months. We were raring to go on our next holiday – and a flight with the twins certainly made it seem like an adventure!

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    Our first flight with the twins

    Our first flight was to Mumbai from Bengaluru. The twins were 10 months old and we were visiting my maternal uncle. There was one extra special addition for the trip – my grandmother (twins’ great grandmother) would also be travelling with us!

    Flights were booked and D-day was looming closer. Few concerns we had –

    1. How to manage the kids in the airport?
    2. What to do for take-off and landing?
    3. Flight duration was 2 hours – how to keep the kids occupied
    4. Snacks and milk logistics
    5. Strollers or Baby carriers

    Travel day was here and we were super excited and anxious about the first flight with the twins. We had opted for a mid-morning flight. Car ride to the airport was 1.5 hours. We had an early breakfast at home and left to the airport.

    Upon entering the airport, we enquired and were told that the Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru had strollers for use in the airport for infants and we were able to pick up 2 strollers from a dedicated counter near the entrance door.  This was a blessing for us as once the twins were buckled in and safe, we moved to the check in counter and were able to easily complete the formalities.

    The security check had a line and some wait time, we had snacks and water for the children, had to take it out of the bag and place it on the tray for scan. The process was straight forward. We had to leave the strollers at this point.

    We proceeded to the boarding gate and it was Snack time! We had carried fruits from home and enjoyed our banana while people all around were cooing at the twins and the happy great -grandmother looked on 😊

    Boarding call was done – and we got out our magic wands – our baby carriers! The biggest boon and blessing of their infancy! We walked to board the flight and it was a breeze!

    Once in the flight, we settled in, the flight attendants were kind and helpful. Kids were on our laps for the flight and were excited to see so many people! They were strapped in with us with a seat belt extension that was provided and was attached to the main seat belt.   

    We were now in the bit that had worried us the most, flight take off! As advised by experienced parents and online research, we were prepped to feed them during take off to help equalize the change in air pressure. But, surprisingly, neither of them got upset with take-off and we did not need to feed them.

    Seat belts sign was off – snacks time again and followed by milk feed. A bit of crying ensued mid-flight, with the funny feeling in the tummy I suppose, but was settled very soon!

    A friend had loaned us a toy for the trip, it was a suction toy which stuck to the window and would rotate, this kept the kids entertained for a reasonable while.

    The end of our flight was nearing, and we were gearing for landing. The landing for us was more challenging than take off, we had some tears and lots of hugs and reassurance, they were probably very tired by now.

    Upon landing, out come our baby carriers again, and with the kids secured in it, we deboard the flight. A walk followed by a buggy ride to the terminal to pick up our luggage and we exit the airport to meet our uncle who is there to pick us up! The kids have fallen asleep in the carrier and are looking like angels!

    We did it! And this trip gave us the courage to take a much longer flight to London, UK within the next 6 months! More on that next time 😊.

    Some practical tips and points to note before you take your first flight with the twins

    Seat selection

    Many of the airlines do not allow online seat allocation if you are travelling with multiple infants. And here is the surprising part - they do not allocate seats for both the infants in the same row! Reason – they have only one extra child oxygen mask per row. So if you are travelling with twins (in lap) be prepared to be seated in separate rows. Ideally select seats in front of each other so that it is easy to communicate and pass on stuff to each other.

    Another decision factor is window seat vs aisel seat – while window seat does offer the view, the aisel seat is super convenient for multiple visits to the washroom or just taking the babies for a walk when the airplane is steady. 

    Carrier vs Stroller

    Most of the airports would allow strollers right till the airplane door – even if the babies’ are not sitting in them it still comes in handy to carry other hand luggage or diaper bag. The new compact strollers can even be taken inside the airplane and kept in the overhead compartment. The carriers, on the other hand, can easily go upto the seat and help the babies sleep off easily while you stay handsfree. So choose whichever option you prefer, and if possible take both! 

    What to wear

    Choose comfortable clothing for yourself and the babies. Also, dress in layers to allow flexibility with changing temperatures at the origin vs at the airport vs in the flight vs at the destination. 

    Before take-off

    Remember to keep all the important stuff handy – in the seat pocket or an accessible bag. Bottles, napkins, wipes, diapers, toys – anything that you may need on the flight. Take out babies’ favorite blankets for the flight – it will keep them calm and cozy. Also, do keep a change of clothes and essential medicines for vomiting etc. with you in the hand luggage 

    What to do for take off and landing

    As most of the pediatricians would suggest, give them anything to suck – breast, milk bottle, water bottle, pacifier, etc. Anything that can help equalize the air pressure in the ear 

    How to keep the kids occupied

    Carry some flight-friendly activities sticker books, stickable rattles, sound books, and their favorite toys and snacks. Sometimes, portable electronic devices with preloaded kid-friendly content can be a lifesaver.


      Lastly, there will be times when the kids will cry – be calm and focus on them – do not worry about the other passengers. Most co-passengers will be understanding and sympathetic to your situation, and if not, that’s ok too!

      Stay calm and flexible – no matter how much you prepare, you may encounter unexpected situations. Be prepared to adjust and adapt. A positive attitude and a calm mind can make the journey enjoyable and memorable for everyone. Safe travels!





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