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The Ultimate Packing Guide for Travelling with Twins





The Ultimate Packing Guide for Travelling with Twins

As avid travelers, when we came to know we are expecting twins, we started to wonder what will happen to all our travel plans!

Travelling with one kid is a task in itself that needs so much planning; but for two with similar needs and yet different personalities is something all twins’ parents ponder upon

I started with my own research and planning right from pregnancy. Now my kids are 5-years old and we have taken up on every opportunity to travel since they were babies. I have learnt from every travel and those experiences I am going to share with you all today, with hope that it saves your time as well as makes your trips a bit easier.


This is the most important part of a travel plan with twins. Backpacking and roaming around is possible only till kids are very young and can stay in baby carriers. Later when they start to walk, we need to get smart and choose such locations that involve less walking to various sites and more enjoyment.

So, for us staycations to beach side or small cities were the best option. Choosing good resorts giving ample kid friendly activities and pool is the highlight.

*Now coming to the packing part, I have divided this into infants and toddlers for easier planning.


A) INFANTS – My first proper trip with kids was at 8-9 months. Two weddings and one tonsure ceremony trip. I feel this is the best age, earlier is even better, to take a trip as kids are mostly on breastmilk/formula and asleep too. So, it is easier to manage.

  1. Clothes – Always Google for the climate at the destination and carry clothes accordingly. If it is mixed, then carry in layers so that if climate changes you can remove or add layers to keep kids comfortable. If planning to visit beach or pool, then keep swim suits, beachwear, flipflops and accessories such as sunglasses and hats/caps. Small babies are mostly not that exploring so keep footwear according to that, like socks, footies if at all they want to crawl.
  2. Medications – Temperature and climate changes can affect the baby so make a note to keep general medications like for fever, cold, cough, colic, vomiting and so on as per your child’s general issues.
  3. Food – For babies less than 6 months you need breastmilk/formula only. For kids between 6-months to 1-year, solids have started but it is not too much. Most places provide baby food and are happy to accommodate. For emergencies or on the road carry few items like roasted makhana, homemade cerelac, sattu powder, mathris and the likes. You can buy fruits on the go. Our go to meal was plain dal and rice form the hotel we ate at.
  4. Diaper bag – While travelling I really did not want to spend time washing and drying clothes, so I preferred carrying enough diapers, at least for on the road times. Along with that make sure to carry wipes and rash cream if needed and some garbage bags to dispose of the diapers. Some rough cloths to wipe off anything and newspapers also comes very handy. Within hotel premises, let them be in normal clothes. Also keep extra set of clothes and few snacks handy in the bag. Sanitizer is a must with kids.
  5. Miscellaneous – If your baby is on formula, make separate measured pouches or small boxes of formula for easier mix. Keep a thermos so that you can have warm water for travelling. Bottles and their sterilizer. Some people carry small electric cookers too for cooking baby food. I preferred not to.
  6. Toiletries – Baby’s skin is sensitive so remember to carry their body wash and lotions, sunscreen if going to a sunny place/pool/beach area. Do not forget to carry their finger brushes / brushes.


B) TODDLERS- The transition to toddlerhood changes a lot of things on travel front. Kids are lot more active and keep moving and exploring. So, we need to keep those requirements in mind. Some things do not change but a few stuff we need to pack differently.

  1. Clothes – As stated in above list, take some spare clothes. For toddlers it is even more needed as they can get clothes dirty very fast while eating, playing. Keep caps/hats and some stoles if needed. Extra set of footwear as kids this age are moody and sometimes footwear may even break.
  2. Medications – Temperature and climate changes can affect the baby so make a note to keep general medications like for fever, cold, cough, colic, vomiting and so on as per your child’s general issues.
  3. Food – Toddlers develop a preference to foods, so keeping their safe food is great for our sanity. So apart from the food list above we can keep more variety of snacks, like dry fruits, chips, khakras, peanuts, chana and so on.
  4. Toiletries and diapers – Body wash, body lotion, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, tooth brushes and toothpaste. And diapers if still needed. Now a days portable potty seats are also available. So, if your child is potty trained that can be super helpful.
  5. Entertainment – Long travel times call for some entertainment for kids. Road travel we can play games like I spy, but long plane travels or layover tend to bore kids and need stuff like coloring books, picture books, reusable stickers, etc.
  6. Keep spare plastic bags/garbage bags for dirty/wet clothes/shoes

Some things are optional, depends on your usage as well as destination.

  • Strollers – Right from airport to resorts, strollers can be very useful especially when kids fall asleep. Though Indian destinations are not very stroller friendly, and for that the next option is preferable
  • Baby carrier – You can wear you baby and travel hands free. It will not be so comfortable for toddlers though.
  • Water bottles – Carrying spill-free straw bottles for kids makes drinking water a breeze. They can have it anywhere and no fear of getting hurt or water spillage.
  • Lastly sunscreen, caps, goggles, raincoats, umbrellas, swim wear, beach wear, footwear, floats, and so on, depending on your destination.
  • Sanitizer is a blessing where we are not able to wash hands. And those fancy paper soaps to help with maintaining clean hands.



The most important part of traveling with twins is they have each other as companions and the way they explore the world together is amazing. Cherish these moments.

My two cents to you would be - Don’t shy away from taking that trip, just go, take that first step. And if you feel you can’t do it, take your extended family along for first few times for help. Start with small trips and then there’s no stopping you.


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