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Indian Twin Babies’ Names – Names that go ‘Better Together’





Indian Twin Babies’ Names – Names that go ‘Better Together’

Naming twins is an exciting and significant task for parents. Whether you are expecting identical or fraternal twins, selecting names that complement each other can create a special bond between your little ones.

While some parents opt for matching names, others prefer names that have a connection, like complementary meanings, without being too similar. There is an endless array of Indian names to choose from, each with its own unique charm and significance. Making the right combination basis your preferences, traditions, and beliefs can be a challenging task.

To help make your task easier, here we are listing down some Indian twin names combinations that go better together!

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    Twins’ Names Meaning / Connection
    Aahan – Raina Morning – Night
    Ahil – Amyra Prince – Princess
    Dhruv – Tara Both put together – The Pole Star
    Harit – Dhaani Both representing the colour Green
    Ihan – Iyla Full Moon – Moonlight
    Ishank – Ishana Names for Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga
    Mohak – Soha Attractive – Star
    Rahat – Sabah Comfortable – Morning
    Reyansh – Shanaya Both meaning ‘First ray of Sun’
    Risay – Raisa Both meaning ‘Rose’
    Shukr – Sabr Patience and Gratitude – derived from popular Arabic phrase


    Twins’ Names Meaning / Connection
    Aayat – Inaaya Signs of God – Gift from God
    Anaya – Ameya Both meaning ‘Goddess Lakshmi’
    Ayana – Zaara Both meaning ‘Beautiful Flower’
    Eka – Ira Names for Goddess Durga and Goddess Saraswati
    Inaaya – Shanaya Both meaning ‘Gift from God’
    Ishya – Shaoni Both representing seasons, Spring – Monsoon
    Kainaat – Kashish Universe – Attraction
    Myra – Nysa Admirable – Special
    Naaz – Nisa Pride – Lady
    Saavi – Vaani Names for Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Saraswati
    Sahar – Sabah Both meaning ‘Morning’
    Seher – Raina Dawn – Dusk
    Soha – Sara Both meaning ‘Princess’


    Twins’ Names Meaning / Connection
    Aadi – Anant Beginning – Infinite
    Aahan – Aayansh Both meaning ‘First Ray of Light’
    Aahan – Anush Both meaning ‘Beautiful Morning’
    Anvay – Anvit United – Friend
    Dhiren – Viren Strong – Brave
    Divit – Devin Both meaning ‘Divine’
    Ishaan – Rihaan Names for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu
    Nayan – Naksh Eye – Features
    Rudra – Neel Both put together – Lord Shiva

    Got another great suggestion? We would love to know! Drop in a comment below - we look forward to reading your suggestions, personal favourites, and expanding our registry of twin names!

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    Kudos to Team ‘twinstribe’! A well thought out venture. This platform will be a boon to the parents of ‘Twins’. Congratulations & best wishes.

    Kalpana Parmar

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